Taming a Fast Moving Market, and Growth + Expansion = The Bello Dimora Real Estate Network

The market is moving fast, and as Forrest Gump says, “That’s all I have to say about that.” Yeah, is moving fast. Whether you are in a fast moving market, or slow.. a seller’s market, or not.. should you choose to make a move be sure you are with the right professional that can take hold of the market and leverage it to your advantage.

Steve is selling his house. God bless those who are going through the selling process. His floors have never been cleaner, and whatever is better than eating off of something because it is so clean.. that is what you could do! However, Steve does talk about the market and when to sell… He reflects: 8 years in real estate, been thinking about selling for 5 years.. and now is the time he has chosen to sell his house. The belief is that this is the top off the market, and he looks to maximize his equity. He also discusses unpricing a home.

Rob reflects the BOLD philosophy: “Life by Design, not by Default.” Bello Dimora has expanded to Cincinnati and now services clients in both the Louisville and Cincinnati regions!

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Hosted by Steve Shuff of www.RealEstateRadioNow.com and Bello Dimora of Keller Williams

Featuring Rob St John, Lead Agent of Bello Dimora Real Estate Network

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