Episode 15: Tips on Taming a Fast Moving Market

When the real estate market is moving at a fast pace, people sometimes respond in such a way that truly resembles panic. Typically, this is fueled by fear. This is added to the natural questions that come up when selling a home, specifically the natural fear of “what if I sell my home before I find what I’m looking for?” Of course, when you think about it, of course it makes sense to sell your home first. For many of us, that’s where our money is.. tied up in the home. Which is fabulous, and exactly why homeownership is such an advantage of renting. Here’s the actual truth: Finding that next home first, prior to selling… It costs SO much more… when I break it down it makes me sick. So let’s do this… let’s harness this fast paced market, and find ways to create a more PREDICTABLE outcome when it comes to our goals in real estate. In this episode, Rob and Steve discuss techniques and strategies that could be very effective when executed properly, in the best interests of the real estate client.

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