Episode 12: 6 Signs That it May Be Time to Reduce the Price of Your Home

In this episode, Rob talks about the 6 signs that you might see while selling your home that may prove to be indications that you need to lower your price. No matter the condition of any property, or even location… one thing is true; price can cure all things. Are you currently on the market and not seeing the activity you would hope to see? OR maybe you are seeing a ton of activity with no offers. Maybe it is possible you ahve been on the market  longer than similar homes in your area. Sometimes you have a deadline, you may be transferred with a job, or you have secured another home. It’s time to make an adjustment. Upgrades are sometimes necessary, but the homeowner may not have the resources to make that happen. Lastly, you always have to keep an eye on the competition. If the competition has changed, so does your marketing strategy.

These are the signs that may be occurring that might spark interest in a price change. Rob St John, with Bello Dimora Real Estate Professionals, takes you down this path and further explains each of these scenarios.

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