Really?! “CRAZY” is the word you choose to use? Really?! :: How we crush the perception of “Crazy.”

Too many real estate agents in today’s market are saying things like, “This market is so crazy!” Or “The speed of this market is unreal… OMG!!” … I say “Really?!” Seriously.. compared to what exactly? Are we not just feeding the fear and anxiety by adding language to the industry that indicates we are out of control? How about saying “The pace of the market is normal for today’s way of being in the world of real estate?”

That’s how we at Bello Dimora of Keller Williams choose to operate. Nice and cool.. getting the deals done for our clients. Getting the highest dollar for our sellers. Getting the best circumstances for our buyers. In this episode, I talk about these things and more… and how to make sure you are getting the very best when shopping for you next home.

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