Episode 14: Culture of Keller Williams – Scott Panella – Give A Goat

As important as real estate is, from time to time we venture off the beaten path and discuss things that can transcend strategies of negotiating win win situations and adhearing to contract deadlines. In this episode, Steve Shuff and Rob St John of Real Estate Radio Now sit down with Scott Panella, Director of Give A Goat, a mission that was born out of the idea that a single goat can change an entire family. Give A Goat’s mission is to supply dairy goats, supplies, housing, education and support to Christian based organizations located in Uganda, Africa.

Scott explains the origin of the mission, gives an idea of the cost of the operation, as well as explaineducationing the crucial role that education plays in the execution of the project; Education not only about the project itself to those who may be able to assist, but also to those receiving the goats. Give A Goat now has an acre farm in Uganda where the goats are bred, ensuring the highest quality goats for the recipients that they serve. Currently, Scott and the team seek to complete their farm with a fully constructed barn. At this time, the roof has yet to be completed and of course, any donations would not only go to providing these wonderful goats, but also to the completion of the barn, ensuring safety and security for the animals.

Even the smallest donations of 5$ – $10 can make a big difference. You can also setup donations on a recurring basis. To see the latest fundraisers that Give A Goat is currently working on in which help is needed, visit give-a-goat.com and click on donate. You can also follow Give A Goat at on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/GiveGoats and instagram at https://www.instagram.com/givegoats.

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