Episode 9: Going Up Hill – Taking the Small Steps Toward the Large Purpose

Do you remember the last time you had to travel uphill? Whether walking, running, or riding, its not the easiest thing. The steepest of slopes, and the slightest… it all depends on the steps you intend to take. In any case, it can be difficult. The question is: is it so difficult that you feel the need to change course, or even quit; or do you push on and finish? Let me ask you this, those times you do choose to finish the uphill battle, how does it feel? Well, if you are like us, there is a feeling of victory accompanied by pure exhaustion. One thing is true however… that next hill you face becomes that much easier.

Physically speaking, that hill becomes easier because you increase muscle mass and endurance. Professionally and personally speaking; in your financial, spiritual, emotional and mental states, the next “hill” becomes easier because of the knowledge and experience you gain. But how do we realize when we stop going up hill? Do we just coast? It feels right when everything moves forward smoothly. If feels great when business is rolling along. It is absolutely lovely when our relationships feel effortless. Are we cruising when things are like this? And if we are, what’s so bad about that?

Maybe nothing. Or, maybe we are starting to slip and start going downhill. The uphill course creates challenge. It forces us to work. It causes us to be intentional about every step we take. We naturally think about the strength required to make that journey; each and every step comes with its unique battle. When we choose to take these areas of our lives uphill, we choose to become better, stronger, and more experienced. We grow and we learn. We reach new highs.. and new lows. If the goals in your life that you have set for yourself seem out of reach.. start your journey uphill. If your relationship is lacking, or seems to have lost its power… take the journey uphill. You you want to be the best you can be both personally and professionally, take inventory of all elements of your life and make the conscious decision to put in the work, and take your experiences uphill. Each step will be one step closer to that better version of you. So you decide… will you choose to go uphill, coast, or start traveling down the hill?

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