Episode 2: Pricing Postions and Impacting Positive Change

Rob St John and Steve Shuff broadcast from New Orleans, LA at Keller Williams Family Reunion. Visit www.realestateradionow.com to subscribe to podcast and catch bonus episodes as they are released in addition to the 970AM broadcast. Rob is looking forward to connecting with top tier, successful business owners at KW Family Reunion and learning for the best of the best and acknowledges the fact the Bello Dimora is running with the pack.
Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is revisited, and Rob speaks about the group he is leading as well as the progress he is seeing. Steve mentions Audible on Amazon and recommends the app for those on the go who would like to take Miracle Morning with them in the car. Steve also shares his experience in recently employing techniques of Miracle Morning and reflects on making small changes in routine and life in order to see major changes in one’s life.
Rob discusses the importance of pricing and the concepts of pricing the home correctly to ensure the home seller sees the offer that is desired. He refers to the sweet spot, and no man’s land… both of which are just separated by a hair. Rob talks about how to discover the best methods to determine that correct price that land the most attention, showings, and the offer that accomplishes the goal of the home seller.
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